About cLIMAsinRiesgo

In Lima, like in most cities across the global South, bio-physical and socio-economic risk drivers are deeply entangled, producing cycles of unequal risk exposure and displacement.

Reframing urban risk

It is now well-known that the number, frequency, geographical scale and social and economic impacts of risks related to natural and man-made hazards are likely to be exacerbated by climate change.

Mapping everyday and episodic risks

Collaborative mapping is an essential part of cLIMASinRiesgo and aims to capture spatially the biophysical (natural and man-made) conditions that shape different degrees of vulnerability.

Assessing risk mitigation investment flows

This Work Package aims to find out how risk-coping costs are internalised and externalised by ordinary citizens and state agencies.

Disrupting risk traps: Strategic Action and Scenario Planning

A number of strategic action and scenario planning workshops to be conducted in close collaboration with the residents of Barrios Altos and José Carlos Mariátegui.

BARRIOS ALTOS: Living with risk in the historic centre

Barrios Altos belongs to the district Cercado de Lima, located in the easternmost quarter of the historic centre.

JOSÉ CARLOS MARIÁTEGUI: Living with risk at the edge of the city

José Carlos Mariátegui includes several settlements situated in San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima’s most populated and poor district.